INKunabula (pronounced ink-you-NAB-you-luh) is the biannual open access journal of Dominican University’s Library & Information Science Student Association (LISSA).

MISSION: LISSA’s open access journal extends LISSA’s mission by offering Dominican University Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) students opportunities to develop as professionals, build community, and to share and access research and opinions through publishing.

Goals and Objectives: To publish; exchange ideas about, gain professional experience with, and understand the publishing process; and to foster a sense of community in GSLIS.

Journal: Publishes essays (opinion), articles (researched), reviews (books), and interviews (written by editorial staff). Publishes four pieces per issue; one issue per semester. Run by 2 co-editors. The Publication Committee serves as the editorial board, advisors, and (blind) peer reviewers.


Q: What kind of material will the journal accept? Who can submit?

A: The publication committee doesn’t see a need to put a cap on creativity or innovation. As long as it relates to the field of library and information science, we’ll consider it. In addition, anyone from Dominican University’s Graduate School of Library and Information Science can submit—whether you’re a current student or alumni.

You can check out our current issue here to get an idea of what we publish!

Q: How many issues do you publish? How often?

A: We publish one issue per semester.

Q: Why is it important for students to submit their writing?

A: One reason any kind of journal is important is that it gives people a space to voice their opinions and express their creativity. We think writing is partly psychological in its process, whatever the medium. When you write a critical essay on a topic, you are presenting a critical approach to a certain aspect of that topic. Writing forces you to consider arguments and counterarguments, pros and cons. It can be frustrating but you might discover some insight that hadn’t occurred to you before. Through this process, you are creating your own voice. Writing gives you a chance to make that voice something concrete—and publishing gives you the opportunity to share your voice with others.

Q: Why should students submit to LISSA’s journal?

A: LISSA’s journal will give students a chance to go through the experience of submitting and publishing material—and sharing their knowledge with a wider library community. We understand that this process can be daunting when faced with a big publisher, so this journal acts as a stepping-stone to help with your future publication endeavors.

Q: Where should I send my submission?

A: Please send materials for submission and review to

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